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Since 1987, Our board-certified doctors and friendly staff at Cadman Chiropractic have been providing patients with specialized chiropractic treatment. Our services cover; family practice, auto injuries, sports injuries and the day to day aches and pains that effect so many of us.


Review our testimonials page to learn what our patients think about the outstanding care they receive from our practice. We help educate you on how to keep free of spinal pain longer.

Meet Our Doctors

Read the pages about our doctors to find out more about our three doctors of chiropractic. Dr. Scott Cadman, Dr. Danny Tran, and Dr. Christina Haynes. View their credentials, chiropractic training, and skills and a bit of personal information.
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About Us

New patients at Cadman Chiropractic in Fontana, California, can usually get a same-day appointment for chiropractic care; so if you are in pain, don't wait!! As a graduate of the Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles and an active member of the community, Dr. Cadman is committed to assisting in the restoration of health and a better quality of life for his patients.

He combines his in-depth knowledge of anatomy with his love of chiropractic care and has created a practice dedicated to educating the public and his patients about the importance of achieving and maintaining optimum health and the proper care of the spine.
For your convenience, our staff is bilingual in English and Spanish. We teach weekly health care classes that help educate our patients about the difference between their pain and their problem. In their health care class patients learn how to get out of pain more quickly and to stay out of pain longer, helping patients increase their health and quality of life.